There are very few foods available today that are not manufactured by 2nd or 3rd party companies. Some of these companies are associated with some of the most horrific recalls in petfoods. Examples are Diamond Pet Foods, Purina, Nestle, Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble And others to numerous to mention. A lot of food companies hide ingredients behind generic terms like LECITHIN which can be any plant or animal fatty by product (Usually  Soy due to the low cost of soybeans) this can be bad for pets allergic to Soy (which is more common than we would like.).

Bottom line we investigated over 3000 pet foods and here are some we found to be at least 4 paws out of 5 (only 1 qualified here) They are listed in no specific order.


Our #1 choice, Midwestern Pet Food Earthborn Holistics and Sportmix and ProPac foods, Halo Pet Food, Addiction Pet Food (New Zealand) and Wellness Pet Food and Lifes Abundance Grain Free All Life Stages Food* There are more but we only list our top picks. For a great food analysis based on our available information take our free Heallthy Food Challenge by clicking below. We will emil you back our findings on your current food.

Take our Healthy Pet Food Challenge Test, click here, refer to FOOD and tell us what food you currently use, we will provide a free indept study of the product for you.



Lou Hayes is a Independent Field Representative for Lifes Abundance Pet Food.* Click here to see what is available for your pet. This food is not sold in retail stores and is usually very fresh. It is shipped direct to the customer.

*Some of their products contain Soy so it is not suited for Pets with Soy allergies or breeding pets, due to the estrogen effect of Soy.

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